Company Profile

History – Formation

My Nhan Investment - Construction - Real Estates Joint-stock Co. was established in 2008 by the managers of Tu Hien Trading - Services Co., Ltd, specialized in real estate legal consultancy, having been present in Cho Lon market 09 years ago. Most of its clients are Chinese in Cho Lon.

My Nhan Joint-stock Co. was formed with the active contributions from the Architects and Engineers of Khang Thinh Consultancy & Designing Co., Ltd, and the CEOs, lawyers, and long-term real estate developers dedicated to their professions, having many years’ operating experience, very successful in the field of real estate, in HCMC and Binh Duong, in particular, and in Long An, Dong Nai, in general, with the following busines lines:

• Cooperation in real estate investment & exploitation.
• Real estate project development.
• Project marketing and distribution.
• Real estate brokerage, consultancy, and trade.

The typical projects taken part by our staff in very successful cooperation, distribution and investment are: Ground in My Phuoc 2&3, Binh Duong province, land in Dong Nai, Nhon Trach, Lancaster, Avalon, Central Garden, Saigon Pearl, Botanic, Fortuna, Saigon Riverside, Him lam Riverside, SunriseCity. 

Through different processes of taking part in the distribution, and brokerage for many projects of domestic and foreign investors, the Management of My Nhan Co. have much self-confidence in its managerial level, distributive techniques, and team of youthful staff rich in experience and activeness.

At present, My Nhan Co. is cooperating with a number of financial organizations, and investment funds, domestic and overseas, in the field of real estate, who are proceeding certain potential projects in HCMC and its neighboring provinces.
My Nhan Investment - Construction - Real Estates Joint-stock Co. has a Real Estate Exchange, with the trade mark of MY NHAN REAL ESTATE CHO LON

With the ambition to be a place of real estate transaction, a playground for real estate investment OF THE CHINESE IN CHO LON, it will be the place where the investors’ money can be increased stably for a long time.